Beh Zeng Kang the first Malaysian Winner of ASEAN Youth Eco Champion

Beh Zeng Kang the first Malaysian Winner of ASEAN Youth Eco Champion

Mr Beh Zeng Kang, age 27 from Malaysia. He is a former Perak State badminton shuttler and accomplished long-distance runner. He is an IR and law student, having completed his studies at both Universiti Utara Malaysia and Universiti Malaya. Possessing exceptional communication and interaction skills rooted in the principles of empathy and sympathy, Beh is a dynamic individual with a profound ability to connect.

His remarkable interpersonal and intrapersonal skills make him an ideal collaborator in various programs. Furthermore, he thrives under pressure and adapts seamlessly to new circumstances, embodying a strong work ethic and dedication. An ardent advocate for the environment and human rights, Beh is an active volunteerism leader and a social entrepreneur deeply committed to community development.

Commencing his pupillage at Messr. Gibb & Co. under the mentorship of Mr. Terence Naidu, formerly Perak State Assemblyman of DUN Pasir Bedamar, Beh has embarked on a promising legal career. Presently, he stands as a co-partner at Messr. Thong Seng Kong & Associates, specializing in diverse areas such as debt recovery, land acquisitions, probate and administration of estates, contractual tenancy disputes, marriage and divorce, citizenship, and adoption.

Beh Zeng Kang, a distinguished Tunku Scholar, holds degrees from both Universiti Utara Malaysia and Universiti Malaya in the field of International Affairs and law. His excellence in academics is complemented by his active involvement in outdoor pursuits. His dedication to youth development, social voluntary programs, environment conservation work, and leadership organizations exemplify his commitment to positive change.

Previously, he served as the Perdana Fellow to the Minister of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs. An ardent youth activist for environmental conservation, Beh has played a pivotal role in numerous public awareness campaigns over the past decade. As a devoted scuba diver, he is dedicated to preserving the marine ecosystem and liberating the ocean from marine debris. His aspiration to inspire youth participation and engagement in environmental conservation is underscored by his co-founding of the “Generasi Peduli Sampah” community. This initiative organizes weekly cleanups, empowering the local community through transformative action.

Beh’s contributions have extended globally, earning him recognition as the ADRECC Ocean Youth Ambassador in 2019. Representing Malaysia on international platforms such as the Asia Dive Expo (ADEX) events, he has showcased his inspiring journey to the global community. His commitment to sustainable practices is evident in initiatives such as educating the public on recycling plastic waste and crafting handmade souvenirs from glass waste.

As the ADUN Belia Perak, Beh successfully championed motions including the “Banning Single Use Plastic in Perak” and the “Implementation of Food Waste Management System in All Districts of Perak,” both with overwhelming support. His life-saving actions during the pandemic, where he administered first aid to an elderly man suffering a heart attack, earned him the Lifesaver Award. He emphasized the importance of basic life support, stressing that learning CPR could save lives and bring a profound sense of satisfaction.

Beh’s advocacy for equality and welfare is evident in his roles as a responsible and enthusiastic young leader, dedicated to addressing social issues. His versatility allows him to navigate diverse situations while managing stress effectively. An active human rights activist within Amnesty International, he has adeptly resolved issues related to the right for citizenship for stateless children in Malaysia, successfully winning appeals in the judiciary.

Notably, Beh’s dedication has led to his representation of Malaysia in various ASEAN, Asia, and international regional conferences, workshops, and summits. These opportunities have enriched his global experience, knowledge, and international friendships, earning him several esteemed recognitions.

His interests and hobbies reflect his adventurous spirit, evident in his love for activities like hiking, rafting, canoeing, cycling, and traveling. Beh Zeng Kang’s multifaceted endeavors illuminate his unwavering commitment to positive change, making him an exceptional role model and advocate for a brighter future.

Nominated by Ministry of Youth and Sports (Malaysia)