Vietnam’s Environmental Pioneer Pham Thi Kim Hang: Revolutionizing Sustainable Living and Empowering Disabilities

Vietnam’s Environmental Pioneer Pham Thi Kim Hang: Revolutionizing Sustainable Living and Empowering Disabilities

Pham Thi Kim Hang, the visionary behind Limart – Zero Waste, is setting unprecedented standards in sustainable living and disability empowerment in Vietnam. She has achieved remarkable milestones in both the sustainable living and social enterprise sectors. She has earned the distinct titles of “The First Person to Upcycle Plastic Bags into Fashionable Bags in Vietnam” and “The First Store Chain Focusing on Zero Waste and Disability Empowerment in Vietnam.

Limart – Zero Waste is a pioneering green grocery store located in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Established by Pham Thi Kim Hang in 2019, it is dedicated to promoting sustainable living practices and creating meaningful employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities. Through its wide range of eco-friendly products and social initiatives, Limart – Zero Waste seeks to inspire and educate the community about the importance of environmental conservation and disability empowerment. For more information, visit or follow Limart on

Limart’s business model not only revolves around profit but is deeply rooted in social and environmental responsibility. As a social enterprise, it has a significant mission: to educate others about the significance of sustainable living and make eco-friendly choices accessible.

The journey of Pham Thi Kim Hang into the realm of zero waste living was serendipitous. Her initial encounter with sustainable products sparked her interest in the movement, eventually leading her to quit her logistics job and establish Limart – Zero Waste in 2019.Despite skepticism from many quarters about the feasibility of selling products like wooden toothbrushes, bamboo straws, glass jugs, and eco-friendly cosmetics, Hang remained steadfast in her determination.

Limart’s inventory boasts a wide array of sustainable products, with approximately 50% sourced from international markets and 50% produced domestically. Hang and her team aspire to increase this ratio to 70% for in-house production.

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, Hang encountered significant challenges. However, a strategic shift in business operations, including product placement in local coffee shops, ensured Limart’s continued success. Crucial to Limart’s accomplishments is its dedicated team of 12 staff members, all of whom are blind, deaf, or disabled. These employees undergo extensive training, receiving a basic monthly salary of VND 5 million ($213). Upon joining the team officially, they earn VND 12 million ($511) per month.

Amidst the challenges and triumphs, a simple greeting card found in a pile of discarded items served as an unexpected source of motivation for Pham Thi Kim Hang. The card read, “What you are doing is great. Keep going and don’t give up!”

Hang’s journey is further enriched by the support and donations from followers and communities. Gifts like a heart-shaped measuring scale and contributions of fruits and vegetables from generous donors have fueled her commitment to a greener, more inclusive future.

Pham Thi Kim Hang’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of sustainability, social responsibility, and disability empowerment. Her unwavering commitment to her vision is making waves in Vietnam and inspiring others to embrace a more eco-conscious lifestyle.