Phuc Tea’s Co-Founder and CEO, Ly Tan Tai, received Youth Achievement Records for Remarkable Entrepreneurial Journey and Community Impact

Phuc Tea’s Co-Founder and CEO, Ly Tan Tai, received Youth Achievement Records for Remarkable Entrepreneurial Journey and Community Impact

In a remarkable celebration of Youth Achievements Records, Mr. Ly Tan Tai, the Co-Founder and CEO of the renowned Phuc Tea brand, has been honored with the prestigious Youth Achievement Records: The Youngest Franchisor with 145 Franchised Stores in Vietnam by the Age of 26″. This recognition not only marks an individual’s journey but also serves as an inspiring portrayal of youthful passion, unwavering determination, and resilience in overcoming challenges to contribute significantly to the nation’s development.

Ly Tan Tai: A Journey from Medicine to Entrepreneurship

Ly Tan Tai‘s remarkable journey commenced during high school when he ventured into various entrepreneurial endeavors. While pursuing his medical studies, he sought practical experience and embarked on a part-time position at a beauty clinic. Starting as a customer service staff member, his dedication led to a promotion as the Marketing Manager. However, his entrepreneurial dreams kept him awake at night, and in 2017, while still a student, he boldly initiated his own business.

In collaboration with Mr. Tran Nhat Vu – Harry, they began their entrepreneurial voyage with a humble milk tea cart in 2017. Despite facing challenges and skepticism, particularly transitioning from medicine to business, their determination remained unshaken. Today, Phuc Tea proudly stands with over 145+ franchise stores nationwide, a testament to their unwavering dedication and belief in their dreams.

Key Milestones in the Phuc Tea Journey

  • March 31, 2017: Opening of the first store, beginning with a modest sidewalk cart model.
  • September 11, 2017: Inauguration of the second cart in Long Xuyen, An Giang.
  • November 2017: Transitioning the business towards a franchising model.
  • March 2019: Success in the franchise brand strategy, growing to 39 stores.
  • March 2020: Celebrated the opening of the 79th store, with 90% operating under franchise agreements.
  • December 2021: The opening of the 110th and 111th branches, signifying a strong resurgence.
  • May 2022: Phuc Tea’s 5-year milestone marked with the launch of the Phuc Tea Center and recognition as one of Vietnam’s Most Loved Brands.
  • October 2022: Collaboration with Go Global Group, furthering their mission to globalize Phuc Tea.
  • 2023: Represented Vietnam at franchise exhibitions in Malaysia and the Philippines.

As of October 29, 2022, Phuc Tea celebrates over 145 stores nationwide and nearly 1,000 dedicated employees, symbolizing the successful expansion and realization of their dreams.

Phuc Tea’s Commitment to Community and Society

Beyond their business endeavors, Phuc Tea remains deeply committed to their mission of “spreading happiness” through various community and social contributions. Their initiatives include:

  • Building a Culture of Self-Development and Nurturing in the Young Generation
  • Culture of Continuous Learning
  • Individual Empowerment
  • Creating a Positive Impact on Community and Society
  • Educational Support
  • Housing and Social Welfare
  • Engagement and Enrichment
  • Nurturing a Spirit of Giving
  • Health and Wellness Contributions
  • Cultural and Seasonal Celebrations

These extensive efforts reflect Phuc Tea‘s profound commitment to societal well-being and creating a positive impact in their communities. Their programs are an inspiring example of their dedication to building a better society and fostering a spirit of giving.

The experiences and achievements within the Phuc Tea journey have contributed not only to Ly Tan Tai‘s personal development but have also inspired and motivated young individuals toward excellence and progress. The Youth Achievement Records recognizes these commendable efforts and serves as a testament to the commitment to continued contributions to society.