Malaysia’s Youngest Book Author, Karen Chew

Malaysia’s Youngest Book Author, Karen Chew

Karen Chew, a remarkably talented young author, has made history by becoming Malaysia’s youngest non-fiction published author, earning recognition from both the prestigious Malaysia Book of Records (MBR) and Youth Achievement Records (YAR). Her inaugural book, What Can An 8-Year-Old Tell You, published by Kanyin Publications Sdn Bhd, was unveiled today at Eslite Spectrum, Starhill Gallery, marking a significant milestone in Malaysian literary achievement.

For Children, By Children: Unlocking the Minds of Young Thinkers

Karen Chew embarked on her writing journey at the tender age of 8, crafting not just the narrative but also illustrating her book. Now, at the age of 10, her insightful work is ready to captivate readers of all ages.

“Ever wondered what goes on inside the mind of a child like me? Perhaps you’ve pondered why we perceive the world the way we do. Fear not, dear readers! I’m here to provide a glimpse into my world and answer your questions the best I can. For my young readers, I bet you’ll find yourself nodding along in agreement throughout!” shared Karen, brimming with youthful enthusiasm.

Empowering Tomorrow’s Authors: A Visionary Perspective

In a world predominantly saturated with literature written by adults, Karen raises a poignant question: “Children grow up reading books by adults. Can you envision a world where children grow up reading books crafted by fellow children?” This insightful query fueled Karen’s determination to bring her book to life.

As a worldschooler, Karen’s daily experiences are laced with extraordinary tales emerging from seemingly mundane moments. Documenting these adventures through blogging, she reminds us of the boundless curiosity, fearlessness, and sense of wonder inherent in childhood.

Recognition and Commendation: Celebrating Young Talent

Karen’s remarkable achievement was doubly acknowledged at the book launch, receiving accolades from both Malaysia Book of Records (MBR) and Youth Achievement Records (YAR). MBR recognized her as the Youngest Book Author, while YAR honored her as the Youngest Non-Fiction Published Author. This achievement not only signifies a personal triumph but also stands as a testament to young minds’ potential, inspiring children and peers alike to pursue dreams with unwavering confidence.

Esteemed guests, including Dr Ng Swee Chin, former VP for Academic & Research of TAR UC, and Landi Jac, Managing Director of LEAD Magazine and an international author from South Africa, lauded Karen’s work through pre-recorded videos, noting its appeal to both children and adults.

The event was graced by prominent figures, including Keith Thong, Chairman of Malaysian Book Industry Chamber; Anne Tham, Founder and Group CEO of ACE EdVenture Group; Chris Daniel Wong, President of Malaysia Digital Chamber of Commerce; Adrian Kok, Founder and CEO of Kanyin Publications; Stephanic Chooi, Chief Operating Director of UBSM Group; and Jainjira Chatamunee, Founder and CEO of Fen-i Hub of Future Education.

Karen Chew’s book is not just a literary achievement; it’s a beacon illuminating the vast potential within every young mind, inviting readers to witness the world through the eyes of a gifted young author.