Jordan Choong Jun Meng: The Visionary Entrepreneur Who Franchised F&B Chain Across 10 Countries at Age 28

Jordan Choong Jun Meng: The Visionary Entrepreneur Who Franchised F&B Chain Across 10 Countries at Age 28

In the dynamic landscape of entrepreneurial triumphs, Jordan Choong Jun Meng stands as a testament to the adage that success favors the bold. From launching his first venture as a wedding photographer at the age of 18 to becoming the “Youngest Malaysian to Franchise F&B Chain Across 10 Countries at Age 28,” Jordan’s journey is an inspiring saga of resilience, innovation, and unyielding determination.

A Journey Unveiled:
Jordan’s entrepreneurial spirit ignited at the age of 15 when he ventured into the workforce, acquiring invaluable experiences that would later shape his career. His initiation into the world of business began at 21 when he successfully managed a wedding photography company. Despite reveling in the joy of his first financial triumph, Jordan’s appetite for challenges remained insatiable.

Born into a middle-class family as the third among four siblings, Jordan attributes his success to the disciplined upbringing and familial harmony instilled by his parents. His father’s wedding photography business set the stage for his entrepreneurial endeavors, teaching him the importance of family unity and laying the foundation for his future achievements.

Daboba: A Visionary Shift:
The turning point came when Jordan, sensing a shift in the wedding photography industry, decided to diversify his business model. Recognizing the bustling crowd at pearl milk tea shops, he set his sights on the F&B sector. In 2019, he founded the first “Daboba” pearl milk tea store in Kuala Lumpur, which quickly garnered acclaim and witnessed queues of up to three hours.

However, it was not just about introducing another pearl milk tea brand. Jordan’s commitment to excellence led him to Taiwan over ten times, researching and developing the perfect blend for Daboba’s signature drink — the Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea. His dedication paid off, making Daboba a prominent name not just in Malaysia but also internationally.

Expanding Horizons:
In 2020, Daboba expanded its footprint to seven countries, including Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Jakarta, Cambodia, Shanghai, and Melbourne. The year 2022 marked a new chapter as Daboba ventured into the lucrative markets of the USA and Paris, reaching a milestone of more than 10 F&B brands with over 100 outlets.

The Birth of DOUBLE.O Group:
Fueling his ambition further, Jordan established DOUBLE.O Group in 2021, a conglomerate boasting eight departments and over 100 industry professionals. Serving as the President, Jordan spearheads the group’s foray into various sectors, including Hong Kong-style restaurants, Japanese cuisine, Thai restaurants, dessert shops, Nanyang-style eateries, Taiwanese restaurants, American fast food, Korean restaurants, and bar-restaurants.

Under DOUBLE.O Group, each brand is poised for international expansion, ensuring that people worldwide have the opportunity to savor the diverse offerings of their food and beverage brands. Jordan envisions the group’s involvement in other industries such as Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), transportation, healthcare, and technology, signaling a comprehensive and innovative approach to business diversification.

Global Recognition and Market Presence:
Jordan’s pioneering spirit and adaptability are evident in his marketing strategies. Embracing the digital age, he leveraged the influence of social media, engaging over a hundred influencers, celebrities, YouTubers, and even stars as brand ambassadors. The response was overwhelming, with these influencers genuinely endorsing Daboba’s offerings.

In response to market dynamics and to keep the brand fresh, Daboba introduced various promotions during festivals and events, captivating customers and creating buzzworthy moments. From special Lunar New Year promotions to April Fool’s Day surprises like “Sambal belacan milk tea,” Jordan’s ingenuity has kept Daboba at the forefront of innovation in the F&B industry.

Looking Ahead:
Jordan Choong Jun Meng’s entrepreneurial journey epitomizes the spirit of ceaseless innovation and bold decision-making. As he plans to open 30 more outlets in 2023, with 10 abroad and 20 in Malaysia, he remains steadfast in his commitment to the shared and mutually beneficial business model, akin to global giants like McDonald’s and Starbucks.

Jordan’s story is a beacon for aspiring entrepreneurs globally, demonstrating that age is no barrier to visionary leadership and success. His commitment to quality, innovation, and community engagement positions him as a dynamic force in the F&B industry, setting the stage for DOUBLE.O Group’s ascendancy in various sectors in the years to come.