Achievements are like badges earned through loads of effort and cultivation of talents and skills. For the most part, achievements are proof that one is capable for the job but it goes without saying that most achievements go unnoticed, especially achievements that are niche and unheard of. It is on this basis that the online platform known only as Youth Achievement Records comes into play with the goal of ensuring no achievement by the youth of tomorrow goes unnoticed ever again. 

This platform grows the eligibility of the youth by showcasing and awarding certificates to deserving candidates so that they have some accomplishments to add to their job resumes or referrals in hopes of getting employed or scouted for job opportunities in the near future. It should be noted that their achievements will be published in websites, GenYouth e-publication and an award ceremony that will be held annually. 

In order to fulfill the goals of the youth, Youth Achievement Records aims to acknowledge, recognise and keep track of all achievements such as academics, creations, human feats and whatever categories that fits future employment opportunities. Every single accomplishment will be addressed and shown in this platform and all it takes is a simple registration procedure. 

The idea to create this platform is motivated from the fact that there was a fundamental lack of availability of platforms that focuses on the accomplishments, talent and achievements of the youth besides school, college or university sites. Besides that, resumes lack the inclusion of certificates that clarify the certain accomplishments that are not included in regular education and co curricular activities. Throughout the years, there have been accomplishments that are documented but don’t earn enough merit for employment such as the ability to just look into the camera and talk for hours at a stretch without pausing or the ability to cycle for hours without a break.  

The Youth Achievement Records is there to ensure that all youth are able to document their most defining moments and immortalize it in black and white certainty. Through this motivation, Youth Achievement Records aims to inspire the youth on their feats, achievements, and creations by publishing records set or broken by the youth.

To EMPOWER youths by recognising their strength and willpower for excellence. To be the record keeper for youth, and for the country.

To UPLIFT youths to strive for excellence in education and beyond; to cultivate generations of youth that our nation needs to succeed.