Youth Achievement Records: Gather of Achievers (Industry Edition)

Calling all Young Trailblazers!

Are you a young professional between the ages of 15 and 40 who has achieved remarkable feats in your industry? Do you dream of having your achievements recognized and documented for future generations? Then step forward and join us for the  Youth Achievement Records: Gather of Achievers – Industry Edition – a celebration of outstanding accomplishments by young individuals across TEN diverse industries!

Youth Achievement Records (YAR), proudly supported and endorsed by the Ministry of Youth and Sports Malaysia, cordially invites you to our inaugural Industry Edition Award Night. This event promises to be a celebration of the extraordinary accomplishments of 100 outstanding young individuals across diverse industries in Malaysia. With industry-specific record titles meticulously crafted based on exceptional achievements, we encourage you to explore our website and discover the record title that resonates with your outstanding accomplishments!

Youth Achievement Records’ vision is to create a lasting legacy for young achievers by documenting their remarkable accomplishments in a dedicated records book/system.

The Objectives We Share:

* Celebrating and Recognizing Your Achievements: We want to shine a spotlight on your hard work, dedication, and outstanding performance!

* Inspiring a Generation: By showcasing your success stories, we aim to motivate others to strive for excellence.

* Building a Legacy for Future Generations:  Documenting your achievements creates a valuable resource for future generations, encouraging them to reach new heights.

* Promoting Diversity and Unity:  We celebrate exceptional talent across various fields, fostering a spirit of healthy competition and inclusivity.

Join the Gather of Achievers!

This is your chance to be recognized as a leading force in your industry. We’ve meticulously crafted record titles encompassing various aspects of achievement in ten different industries. Explore the titles below and see where your exceptional work could be recognized!

Application Process:

  1. Find Your Record Title: Browse our comprehensive list of record titles to identify the one that aligns best with your industry and achievements.
  2. Submit Your Application: Apply online by completing the form and attaching relevant documents. Please note that there is a non-refundable registration fee of RM500, which covers processing costs.
  3. Transparent Assessment: Our dedicated YAR committee will meticulously assess your application based on predefined record titles available on our website. Additionally, we will conduct an audit to verify your achievements.
  4. Notification of Success: Successful Record Holders will be promptly notified and receive a prestigious honorary package. The application fee is RM4,500, which encompasses:
  • Event planning and execution for the certificate presentation ceremony
  • Interviews with record holders
  • Publication of the record book (Industry Edition)
  • Extensive social media publicity campaign
  • Professional video and photography services
  • Banquet seat at the Award Dinner Night (includes a meal)
  • Prizes and awards for select record holders

What Awaits Successful Applicants:

  • A3 Record Certificate with Frame: Display your achievement proudly with a stunning A3 record certificate framed and adorned with the Ministry of Youth and Sports (KBS) logo.
  • Medallion with KBS Logo: Wear your success with pride by receiving a commemorative medallion bearing the KBS logo.
  • Personalized Roll-Up Bunting: Showcase your accomplishment with a professional roll-up bunting featuring your name and record title.
  • Professional Video Clip: Relive your award night experience with a custom video clip capturing highlights of your on-stage recognition, interview, and acceptance speech.
  • Top 100 Youth Achievers Record Book – Industry Edition: Be immortalized in a prestigious record book distributed nationwide, highlighting the top 100 young achievers across all industries.
  • Social Media Recognition: Gain acknowledgment on our official social media channels with a dedicated post celebrating your remarkable achievement.
  • Website Listing: Your profile and accomplishment will be permanently featured on the YAR website.
  • Gala Award Dinner Night: Revel in an evening of celebration at the exclusive Award Dinner Night with a dedicated seat reserved for you.
  • Join the YAR Alumni Network: Forge connections with other outstanding young achievers and become an esteemed member of our prestigious alumni network.

Ready to Make Your Mark?

Apply today and embark on the journey to becoming a recognized Youth Achievement Record holder!