Community Service

Community service involves participating in activities that are carried out for the betterment of society and the benefit of others. The Youth Achievement Records Advisory Board & Council recommends several record categories for community service that recognize young individuals’ efforts and their positive impact on the community.

The suggested record categories for community service are diverse and include a range of accomplishments. The first category, A, is focused on recognizing young individuals who have made a significant contribution to others. This could be through acts of kindness towards their family, helping their community during a crisis, volunteering for a cause they are passionate about, or contributing to their university or school. The second category, B, recognizes young volunteers who have made an active and significant contribution to their community through their time, effort, and dedication. The third category, C, highlights services or youth projects that have gone above and beyond in supporting young people. Lastly, the fourth category, D, acknowledges young individuals who have taken initiative to create a positive impact on the environment in their local community as a green champion.

Overall, the suggested record categories for community service are broad and diverse, reflecting the varied ways young people can contribute to society through community service. These categories allow for recognition of the significant efforts of young people who have devoted their time, energy, and resources towards improving their community, and inspiring others to follow their lead.